Windsurfing and Paddle Boarding has continued to steadily grow in the last year and the club has purchased two more modern Starboard Start Board M, 238 litre boards, while repairing two of the older boards which can be used from beginner through to intermediate sailors with sailing rigs ranging from 3.5m to 8.2m and we also have a couple of 2m sail for the children which has been very popular with the youngsters and parents alike.


We have also purchased two new Severn 7.8m sails which are of a more robust construction and will hopefully survive pounding in the waves.


The store for the windsurfing and paddle boarding allows easy access to the equipment and is now full of equipment ready to be used (there is some private equipment stored as well so please ask the boatyard staff before you use anything).


Currently we have approximately 12 windsurfers at different stages and of those 5 are children.

Hopefully with the SUKMA sailing taking place here in Miri during July 2016 and includes Windsurfing, we hope that there will be an increase in the numbers who wish to learn to sail windsurfers.

There is training at the Piasau Boat Club every Sunday morning from 11am to 2pm and all are welcome.

The training starts on the beach where the novice sailors are introduced to windsurfing using a windsurfing simulator, and gain the basic knowledge on the parts of the board and sail, how to handle the equipment in and out of the water and learn the basic safety rules.

The sailors are then taught how to position the board with reference to the wind direction and then pull the sail up into the sailing position.

Once they have mastered starting to sail they are taught how to tack with the board and sail in different directions, ready to try their skills on the water rather than on dry land.

Depending on the wind direction and sea conditions the sailors are taken in groups into the sea and practice what they have learnt on the simulator.

Later more advanced sailing such as using a harness, beach starts, jibing and water starts can be taught.

It is the intention to have windsurfing races included in the Saturday afternoon sailing agenda.

All that is required is swim wear, sun screen and a hat but it is suggested that the use of either a rash vest or stinger suit with booties is the best to prevent scrapes from continually climbing up onto the board.

Landale Cranfield

Email:  Mobile: +60 10 983 9882