Rowing & Sculling

Trivia quiz question
“What is the difference between rowing and sculling ?”
(clue – it’s nothing to do with Iban head hunters).
Answers at the end.

Sadly, like so many of the PBC activity’s there is not a great deal of support for sculling these days  but despite that one boat is out most weeks and there have been a reasonable number of members and visitors who come out occasionally as well.

The section has three single sculls and a double scull ready for use with another double scull and two four man rowing boats that could be quickly prepared for use if there is any demand for them.

Apart from the very good physical exercise, sculling is quite relaxing but does require a fair degree of technique and if needed lessons can be given during the normal sessions. Coordination and balance are more important than brute strength to make a good sculler

The regular sessions are at 7:30 on Monday mornings at the PBC jetty on the river (opposite the turn to the Club).

Contact Ray Stringer on 019-8053453 or if you want to join in or want a couple of lessons.

Quiz answer: Rowing is done in pairs with one oar each while sculling is done individually, or as a team, with two oars per person.  Note: One person rowing tens to go round in ever decreasing circles!