The Powerboat section includes the Diving and Fishing sections.

For the Powerboats during 2015 we continued to maintain the Boats, Trailers and Engines but have not purchased any further equipment due to the financial status of the club.


However the purchase of the galvanized PBC Hornbill trailer and the aluminum rescue boat trailer have reduced the maintenance costs due to corrosion and the target is to continue to upgrade the trailers in the coming years.


The PBC Hornbill is regularly used for fishing and diving and continues to be available for hire by members including a driver.

The New 55HP Tractor has been regularly used for all the boat towing work with great success and we are continuing to use the tractor for beach cleaning of large debris such as washed up logs and in 2016 will upgrade the capability to ensure efficient beach raking as part of the sand fly war and to make it more comfortable for the members sitting on the terrace.

Current beach rake was found not to be capable of raking to the required depth with all the debris on the beach, and we will fabricate a bucket system for debris removal

The Seabarge has been regularly used for trips up the river and the club is happy to organizing evening river boat cruises including food and drinks

We continue to maintain the jetty and have unrestricted access whenever it is required.

For booking and more information about trips you can contact us.
Office : 085-640 063