Mini & Youth Rugby

Over the last year Piasau Mini and Youth rugby initially slowed due to many of our players leaving Miri, however after the New Year we continued to grow and gain momentum especially with the taggers with new players becoming involved, as well as recruiting new Coaches.

We could not have achieved the fun and progress without the support of the players and Parents and not forgetting the coaches who give up their peaceful Saturday morning to run around with the children.

We have also played a number of games at Curtin University Rugby pitch and are extremely grateful for the support and facilities provided by them.


Over the last year Piasau Children’s rugby continues to grow and gain momentum in Miri with new players becoming involved, as well as recruiting new Coaches and Referees.

Currently there are 3 distinct groups: “Tag Rugby”, “Early Tacklers” and “Full Contact” and training each week.

Tag rugby is for the younger children (age range 7 years and below), who have been keeping the coaches busy since there has been as many as twenty plus children and the training focuses on hi-energy fun, ball skills and elementary rules. Tag sessions are for both girls and boys and is growing rapidly.

The “Early Tacklers” group is a transition group from Tag rugby to Full Contact and keen 8-10 year old boys and girls are introduced to the rudiments of the contact game and we have been surprised at how well the girls have taken to the tackle game.

There has been an upsurge of local players from the Miri area and we are looking forward to many games in the future.

The kids have learnt how to fall and how to execute a tackle with correct body position and are now playing 7 to 10-aside amongst themselves each week. The children are always looking forward to playing games against other sides.
Contact Rugby is for those aged 11-14 year olds.

We had a core of 8 to 10 players however that dwindled at the end of the summer and the objective is to rebuild that core in conjunction with Tenby International school who have started Rugby early on a Wednesday morning.
The training sessions focus on key skills of passing, tackling, contesting for the ball in open play, scrums, lineouts and general positional play, as well as general fitness work. In addition, teamwork, discipline and sportsmanship are important features being introduced at this level.

Some of the older players have been involved in the adult Rugby training held in Miri.

The coaching is free and open to all Children in the Miri area to encourage the growth of Rugby as a sport in Miri.

The training is held at the Piasau Camp House 100 pitch and starts at 9:30 am on a Saturday Morning .

Coach Landale