Membership Registration

Application for membership shall be made on a valid application form which must be completed in full.

Each application form shall be signed by a proposer and a seconder who must be Full or Associate Members of the Club. The completed form, with deposit where applicable, shall be sent to the Manager or Secretary of the Club. In the case of Full Member applications, the Secretary shall forthwith enter the applicant's name in the Register of Members. For other categories of Membership, the Manager or Secretary shall submit the application for approval by the Committee at its next meeting. The Committee may at its discretion reject any application without assigning any reason thereto.

No applicant can be deemed to have been approved unless he or she has received a majority of affirmative votes of the Committee.

An applicant approved or rejected by the Committee shall be given written notification of the Committee's decision by the Club Manager or Secretary.

An applicant shall be entitled to the rights of membership upon approval of his/her application by the Committee.

Download Application Form