Subject to any restriction imposed by the Committee, any Club Member shall have the privilege of introducing guests to the Club, who shall then be entitled to use the facilities and equipment of the Club provided however that:

  • All guests must enter their names and addresses in the visitor's book provided on each occasion that they visit the Club. The visitors book must also be signed by each guest and the sponsoring Member.
  • No individual guest shall be allowed to use the Club facilities for more than a total number of five (5) visits in a calendar year.
  • Guests may use the Club facilities and/or equipment but a guest must provide acceptable evidence of competence to use certain of these or be checked for such competence by a Club representative approved by the appropriate Committee Member, eg. for use of a Hobie-cat the Laser/Hobie Convener or other Sailing Section Convener, at the discretion of the Sailing Member, shall confirm the competence of the guest user.
  • The sponsoring Member shall be fully accountable for any damage to the Club facilities or equipment caused by the negligence or misconduct of their guest.
  • All guests must pay for goods and services obtained from the Club by means of the Club cash coupons which are obtainable from the Club office. These must be paid for in Malaysian Ringgit.
  • The Committee may at any time suspend or extend any privileges afforded.
  • The Club member who introduces the guest(s) to the Club shall be fully responsible for the good conduct, expenses and/or any accounts of the guest(s) which may remain outstanding.
  • A guest contravening the Constitution, Rules or Procedures of the Club may be requested to leave the Club's premises by the Club Manager, or any Committee Member of the Club, through the Member introducing such a guest.