Re-opening PBC to the Public:

Dear valued members of Piasau Boat Club,

Thank you for your continuous support to Piasau Boat Club. Your support both when we are open as well as when we are not goes a long way in ensuring our survival.

With the recent Phase 2 announcement effective 14th July 2021 we have made the decision to stop non-members from coming in temporarily. This allows some safe space for our members during this fragile times of the national recovery phase.

We are re-opening the Beachcomber bar and Restaurant to the Public beginning 5th August 2021.

To avoid overcrowding we are changing the way we charge non-members.

We use to sell RM10 Redeemable-vouchers per adult, the voucher can be spent at our Restaurant & Cabana.

Effective 5th August 2021 this will be changed to a ticket system. Every non-member adult will be charged RM 10 to enter PBC, and teenagers aged 12 to 17 will be charged RM5.

This measure is put in place to maintain the exclusivity of PBC and to control the club from overcrowding. We are also working to cap the number of visitors in one day.

While doing this, we assure you that we will protect the interests and privileges of the members and that it remains very attractive to be a member of the PBC:

  • All other club facilities and activities, including the gym, squash courts, tennis courts, pickleball courts  will remain exclusive to PBC members
  • Watersport activities remains for members only, usage of kayak will be chargeable for non-members
  • 10% discount at the Beachcomber Bar and Restaurant and monthly incentive scheme will remain for PBC members
  • The access to our affiliated clubs remains available only to members.

Other conditions

  • Member’s are entitled to bring guests come for dine-in. There will be no charges with the condition that they must accompanied by member that invited them.
  • Public is only allowed to dine-in, use playground, beach & view sunset.

I hope you understand that this decision was not taken lightly and that this measure is necessary to ensure the club stay standing in the many more years to come. The committee and management will regularly evaluate the financial performance of the club and may decide to change this decision from time to time.

I hope to see you all at the club. Come over to enjoy the wonderful location. We still offer the most spectacular sunset in Miri!

Bring your family, friends and colleagues to have a meal and a drink in the Beachcomber bar and Restaurant. The club needs your support more than ever.

From:   Operations Manager, Usat  Bilong