Committee position vacant – Secretary

Dear valued members,

The Piasau Boat Club, an exclusive premier recreational club in Miri, is looking for members who are interested to fill in the Secretary position.

The duties of office bearer are as follows:
(Please take note that items b) to d) of the Secretary duties will actually be done by the PBC staff).

a) The Secretary shall conduct the business of the Club in accordance with its rules and at the instruction of the Committee.

b) The Secretary shall carry out all secretarial duties of the Club and shall be responsible for all correspondence and the keeping of all books, papers and documents with the exception of the accounts and all financial records.

c) The Secretary shall keep a register of Members and shall monitor the overall membership and levels of Members in each category of membership and shall report this to the Committee.

d) The Secretary or his nominee shall be responsible for minutes of all Committee meetings, the Annual General Meeting and any Extra  Ordinary General Meeting and the proper filing of the same.

If you are interested please kindly  send email to

Thank you
From: PBC Management