Sunday 8 March: Notice of Annual General Meeting

Dear Members,

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Piasau Boat Club will be holding the next Annual General Meeting at the Clubhouse, Miri on Sunday, 8th March 2020 at 3:00 p.m. to transact the following business:


  1. Committee report for the Preceding Year
  2. Approval for the Audited Accounts for the Preceding Year
  3. Presentation of 2019 Income Vs Expenditure
  4. Budget for 2020 and future developments for the boat club
  5. Election of In-Coming Committee
  6. Motions
  7. A.O.B.

Please note: Registration closes at 2:55 p.m.

A package consisting of Committee Report of activities since the last AGM, Audited Accounts for the financial year and estimates of Income Vs Expenditure 2020-2024 and proposal for committee members will available for viewing at our website  before 8th March 2020.

The constitution requires to have minimal 50 members present to hold the Annual meeting.  Therefore we encourage all members to take an active interest in club matters and appreciate your participation in this important event. For those that can’t attend, please take 1 minute to reply to this email nominating your representative. Suggested text below.

Suggested text for nomination of representatives:

I, _____________________(PBC Membership No_____ ) hereby nominate PBC member ____­___________________ to represent and vote on my behalf at the Club’s Annual General Meeting which will be held on the 6th March  2020 at 17:00 hours at the club premises.



You may nominate any of your  fellow members that you know will attend, or one of the committee members:

1. Alex Weber Commodore
2. Landale Cranfield Secretary
3. Cheah Yew Fai Treasurer
4. Ray Stringer Sailing
5. Bob Harvie Powerboat
6. Vacant Sports
7. Vacant General Member
8. Ilyas Adam House
9. Rob de Bree Social



  1. a) Nominations for Committee Members must be received by 17.00 hours on or before 1st  March 2020.
  2. b) Any Motions from the Membership must be submitted completed at the Club Office by 17.00 hours on 1st March 2020
  3. c) Motions and Committee nominations will be displayed on the Club AGM Notice Board not later than the 3rd March 2020
  4. d) Amendments to Motions must be completed by 6th March 2020
  5. e) Full and Associate Members unable to attend the AGM either through sickness or short absence from the area, but for no other reason, may nominate a Proxy.  A letter or email addressed to the Secretary giving the Proxy name and Membership Number should be received by the Club Office not later than 17.00 hours on the 6th March 2020.


See you on Sunday, 8th March 2020.

From:  Landale Cranfield –  Secretary