Dear valued members and patrons of Piasau Boat Club…

Dear valued members and dedicated patrons,

We at the PBC office would like to cordially invite our members and regular patrons to take part in our official feedback focus group.

The purpose of this focus group is to identify which area of operation can be improve as well as providing a platform for the members and patrons alike to voice out their ideas and recommendations for the betterment of the club. This focus will be open from the date of this post till the end of February.

How to take part?

  • Click on the this link:


  • Contact us through Facebook Messenger by sending ” Feedback”, then we would know that it’s for this focus group.

Through the feedback given, the club will do it best to continue to improve now and many more year to come. Don’t forget to share this with your friends and families whom may be interest in taking part in this group.

Feedback is the breakfast of champions!