Learn how to kitesurf with PBC!


Kitesurfing Lessons in Miri, Sarawak.

Now is the time! Don’t wait, come and learn to kite with us! Go ahead and purchase your lessons today through our office! We offer Beginner-Advanced Kiteboarding lessons in the Northern Sarawak area (The one and only)!

With our qualified awesome instructor and also the most experienced teacher and the only L1 Instructor in Malaysia. With a focus on safety and some of the best wind conditions in Miri you will be an independent kiter in no time!

Please be informed that the Kite Surfing class/ training to be carry out from morning until late noon but also depending on the wind situation from time to time. Is it possible for you to pass over your number to us in order to update of latest status or activity pertaining to the kite surfing.