Piasau Mini and Youth Rugby 10th February 2018 (Season 2017-2018)


Piasau Mini and Youth Rugby 10th February  (Season 2017-2018)

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A reminder that all are welcome on Saturday mornings (Note the change of timings, we start with the older children at 9am) at P100 Pitch to continue playing, learning Rugby skills and most importantly having fun, the coaching is FREE and it is open to all Schools and youngsters in Miri, the more the

The P100 pitch is booked on Thursday Evening for Touch Rugby all are
welcome, and Friday Evenings and Saturday Mornings for Rugby coaching

This Saturday there were 10 Taggers and 8 Early tacklers a total of 18 players

Welcome to the new players, Olivier, Stella, Louis, Sebastian, and Maria

The Taggers were coached by Daniel with help from Paul

They started with running chasing the ball game followed by passing and the bulldogs.

Finally there was an introduction to tackling

Certificates were awarded to the following: Olivier, Stella and Sebastian, well done to all.

The Early Tacklers were coached by myself and Pierre.

We did a warm up tag followed by some wrestling and then passing across the square.

We then reminded everyone about tackling safely and had a tackle bag race.

We played a tag game 4 on 4 and then finished with a tackle game 3 against 3. There was some good running but the tackling was not consistent.

A certificate was awarded to Maria Jason, well done and it was good to see the boys from Tenby International School.

Parents please ensure that the early tacklers have plenty of water and a mouth guard. Thank you

Dates for your Calendar:
Every Sunday afternoon there is a game day at Curtin University for all,
starting at 4pm. 

Tenby International School CCA Rugby Training has started on Monday at 3pm at the Tenby School Field and currently there 19 signed up.

We have been invited to have a Rugby festival at The Tenby International School family day on Saturday morning the 17th March and have invited
Panaga to come and play. (We will see the age groups and see who else we can invite)

Also help support the Miri Division Rugby Division by registering your School or team and that will entitle you to support from MDRA to enhance the growth of Rugby in Miri.

For the next two weeks there will be a holiday for CNY and We look forward to seeing all the early tacklers at the P100 Pitch on Saturday 3rd March  starting at 9am and the taggers start at 9:30am, bring your friends.

Landale Cranfield
Mobile +60 10 983 9882