Royal Brunei Yacht Club – Annual Regatta on 11th & 12th November

The RBYC in Muara is orgasing their annual regatta on 11-12 November, open to any sailor that is a member of a sailing club (e.g. PBC). Who is interested in representing PBC at this regatta? They have a wide range of boats available, including hobie 16, laser with various sail sizes and 420. On Saturday 11th, a long course race is scheduled, on Sunday 12th a series of shorter-course races are planned. You can join both days or only one day.

I have been at their regatta a few years ago, and found it a nice, inclusive event, with a focus on enjoying sailing. In other words: pretty much the same thing we like to do. If you are interested, get in touch with Nicole van Vugt (whatsapp 0138162508), who is coordinating the PBC participation.

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